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Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd is proud to offer professional cleaning services for a wide range of businesses in the hospitality industry. Whether you operate a hotel, event venue or conference centre, you can depend on your “GMS” team to deliver superior cleaning services.

In the hospitality industry, clean environment are essential to the success of your operations. A professionally clean venue not only allows you to present a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, but also makes them feel comfortable and improves their overall satisfaction with your property and your services. A clean facility can keep customers returning year after year and helps promote word of mouth recommendations for your hospitality business. This is why it is absolutely critical to choose reliable and professional cleaners who can help you achieve your high standards of cleanliness.
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What We Offer

We strive to provide customized cleaning services and schedules that meet the unique needs of your hotel. As a leading company, we offer a broad range of hotel cleaning services that includes upkeep of your lobby, restaurants, swimming pool, fitness gym, spa, kitchen areas, guest rooms, conference rooms, washrooms, carpark and other common spaces within your facility.

We continually monitor and review our processes to ensure our customers receive the best possible hospitality cleaning services. We’ll routinely check our work and track results, making changes along the way to ensure you are satisfied with the cleanliness levels we are achieving.
Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd is an owner-operated business which means we have a vested interest in hotel cleaning and our customer’s satisfaction. Whether you’re a small or multi-national company, GMS is the right solution for you.
Our Hotel Cleaning Staff
All of our employees are well-trained in proper hygiene and will use extreme care to protect your assets and to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for guests. We always interview our staff to ensure that they present a friendly demeanour and are pleasant when they encounter any hotel employees or visitors. Extreme care is taken to use proper cleaning methods and products that are free of harmful pollutants.
Quality Assurance
Hotel Cleaning Services | Hotel Landscaping Services | Pest Control Services Singapore

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