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When you choose Glomax Maintenance Services Pte Ltd, you’re guaranteed that all of the windows in your home, office, hotel or commercial building will be thoroughly and safely cleaned. We provide reliable window washing services for all types of commercial or residential buildings and have all of the equipment and staff
on hand, ready to complete any project.

Clean windows not only improve visibility but provide a sense of satisfaction and contentment within an interior space. For businesses, a retail shop with sparkling windows attracts customers while a restaurant or cafe with spotless windows provides an inviting place to relax. At home, clear windows bring the enjoyment of the outdoors inside and add to the ambiance of a glittering night-time view.
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What We Offer

we cover a full spectrum of window washing services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Each potential contract is carefully reviewed to ensure that all aspects of the job are completely understood. We arrive at your home or place of business ready to work with all of the equipment and supplies necessary to do the job.

If you prefer a regular maintenance program, we will help you establish specific days of the week and hours that meet your needs. Our services include weekly, bimonthly, monthly and extended service or seasonal window cleaning services.
Our Window Cleaning Staff
Our window cleaning staff consists of several dedicated employees who provide reliable and trustworthy service. Each member is fully screened to ensure that their background meets our qualifications for delivering quality window washing services. Our staffs hold the expertise in cleaning all types of glass or synthetic windows and are properly trained in the care and maintenance of various window materials. We utilize environmentally safe cleaning products that will not damage wood, vinyl or metal frames or harm the surrounding structure or windows in any way. Our employees are careful to ensure that blinds, draperies or other window treatments are removed and carefully stored to avoid any potential damage or loss.
Cleaning Guarantees
Hotel Cleaning Services | Hotel Landscaping Services | Pest Control Services Singapore

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